Sunshine Water Sports of Panama City has all of your sightseeing tours for Panama City Beach, Florida. We offer sightseeing tours to Shell Island, St. Andrew’s Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. You can go via our jet ski tours or dolphin tours by boat. Shell Island is uninhabited and has white sand beaches. Shell Island also has a lot of wild dolphin activities around the island. You are sure to encounter dolphins or have the opportunity to swim with dolphins on your sightseeing tour. The best sightseeing tour in Florida is the Shell island Jet Ski Dolphin Tour in Panama City Beach.

Shell Island Tours

Explore the natural beauty of Shell Island and its inhabitants. Collect shells and sand dollars. Dolphin viewing and dolphin encounters also available.

Dolphin Tours
Swim with wild Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins! Dolphin Encounters are an amazing experience! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!